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Help The Immune Deficiency Foundation of Australia Limited raise funds for primary immunodeficiency advocacy work

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for The Immune Deficiency Foundation of Australia Limited

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Our Story

IDFA is a national non-profit organization that offers education, awareness, and advocacy for Australians with primary or secondary immunodeficiency.

Your donation will support IDFA's advocacy work around Newborn Screening Awareness for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID).

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) is a life-threatening genetic condition in which affected babies are unable to fight even simple infections. SCID is often referred to as the ‘bubble boy disease’ highlighting the threat of exposure to germs and is considered an immunological emergency. Without appropriate timely treatment, most children die before the age of 2 years. If diagnosed early and then treated early, SCID can be entirely curable. Early diagnosis is possible with universal SCID newborn screening.

SCID screening costs less than $10 per child. Over half of Australia’s states and territories now have SCID Newborn Screening testing available for families. IDFA is calling for the implementation of routine SCID Newborn Screening in South Australia and Tasmania.

Your donation will help IDFA raise awareness about SCID, promote access to early testing, and support community members suffering or caring for someone with SCID through support groups.

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$20,000 Cash

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30 Nov 2023

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Major Prize is $20,000 Cash. Minor prizes include 5 x $1,000 Prezzee eGift Cards & 50 x $100 Prezzee eGift Cards.

All proceeds from this raffle are collected for charitable or benevolent not-for-profit purposes by Bolsta Foundation Limited (ABN 75 641 134 974), under NSW Charitable Fundraising Authority CFN/26189 and ACT Raffle Permit No. R 23/00159.

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$3 of every $5 sold goes directly to this organisation

Raffle Drawn 30th of November 2023

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